Odette’s background is different to most as her father was an officer in the RAF and was thus stationed in different parts of the world.  She grew up living in different regions and was exposed to various cultures and since then has always worked and travelled extensively worldwide.  She started her career in developing international management training programmes in Belgium and abroad and spent 3 years in Singapore to develop a management training programmes for the Asian market.

She has a passion for cross-cultural relations and works as a consultant for cross-cultural intelligence, business etiquette, personal development and emotional intelligence leadership.  With over 30 years international experience in the service and conference industries, Odette also works as a consultant for event agencies and corporations for major conferences and institutional events.   During the Belgian presidency in 2010, Odette worked with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on numerous high level meetings such as ECOFIN, ASEM, Gymnich and provided her services for other European conferences organised by European institutions.  On a bi-annual basis, Odette is invited to provide protocol services for the EUROFI conference hosted by the country holding the six month European presidency.


Having acquired diplomas in Protocol and Diplomacy, over the last 3 years clients have called upon her services as an expert in Protocol. Odette is able to give a panoramic overview and practical advice as well as giving operational support for any sort of conference, summit or corporate event.

Odette de Vleeschouwer

“To welcome culture in all the diversity is essential to enhance our relationship with the global village.”