With more than 14 years of experience in the field of hospitality security (working as Security Manager at Hilton Worldwide and Security & Diplomatic Manager at The Hotel Brussels), Christophe Samyn has specialised in creating and developing safety plans and procedures for imminent personalities as well as goods and premises. 

Based on this extensive know-how and professional experience, Christophe can provide a tailor-made approach to all security issues that cater to specific operational demands of various company’s divisions or personalities, thus reducing the potential risk of danger.

He strongly believes that a security strategy must be built within the client’s internal organisation and not from external links.  A strong working collaboration is built upon trust and a clear communication channel  that can only but enhance the success of the event.

He has been involved in several prestigious events such as the ASEM summit, the Belgian European Presidencies (2001 and 2010).  He has also been in charge for the coordination of  VVIPS Official visits on behalf of various embassies such as of Israël, Russia, United Kingdom, United States of America and United Nations.

Christophe Samyn

“ Security is always too much … until it’s too late … When you build a house, you always start with the basement !”