1. •  Coordination

  2. •  Selection of drivers

  3. •  Scheduling

  4. •  Motorcade

  5. Mobility is an important link in the chain of events contributing to the effective organisation of an important visit.  If it is not handled by experienced professionals, this important link could rapidly turn itself into a disaster and could cause a serious financial and credibility loss.

  6. Everything needs to be immaculately prepared: the choice of the most appropriate vehicles, which means of telecommunication, the choice of drivers as well as their training and briefings;  eventually to escorted by the police , the reservation of restricted parking areas,  preparing itineraries and schedules, organising “stand by” areas for drivers and security officers and the list goes on.

  7. GDC undertakes the total responsibility of providing the best suppliers,  coordinating the whole project from beginning to end, and ensuring that the mobility part of the project runs as smoothly and efficiently as possible.