1. •  Accreditation

  2. • Quality control

  3. • Room coordinators

  4. • Info desk & press -  coordinators

  5. • Cloakroom assistants

  6. The GDC team of experts accompany their clients nationally and globally. 

  7. The GDC team are in a privileged position to offer bountiful tips and advice on the most efficient way of running high-level  events with the best quality means available.

  8. Regularly we asked to choose from a selection of hotels, the most appropriate choice corresponding to the profile of the imminent guests.  Apart from making the hotel bookings  GDC are called upon to regularly negotiate and review not only the budgets for the rooms, but also the security aspects of the hotel.  Whether it should concern room capacity or other top level guests monopolising the personnel and security at the same time, we need to ensure that  the hotel personnel are able to manage  the quantity and quality of our guests staying in their hotel.  This top quality service can only occur if we work very closely with the Guest Relations Officer.  To ensure that things run smoothly means that the hotel is able to provide all the necessary requirements, and are able to respond to all requests coming from our delegations during their stay and with the upmost discretion.  Our guests upon leaving the hotel should conclude that they had a pleasant and memorable stay. 

  9. GDC also select the most efficient and experienced multi-lingual hospitality hosts and hostesses to work on top level events. This entails welcoming press, participants, VIP guests, and dignitaries as well as managing the badges, accreditation, conference room coordination and cloakroom facilities.